Should I leave my pool outside in snow or freezing winter?
Do I need to drain the pool to patch a hole under water?
How do I prevent the pool from damaging grass or fungi from developing on concrete?
Are replacement liners and frame parts available to purchase?
Why does the pool frame lean inward after assembled?
How do you fit the last joint into its designated horizontal beam while keeping the other beams intact on the round frame pool?
Does my INTEX pool carry a factory warranty?
Can a portable water heater be used for this type of pool?
What is needed to prepare a site for the pool?
How often should the water be changed?
Can I set the pool up on a concrete patio?
Can sand be used to level the ground at the pool site?
Do you recommend using chemicals? If so, what kind?
What should I use to clean my pool before storing it for the winter?
In what sequence should the pool be put together?
What are the advantages of an Ultra Frame Pool?
Does a patch for liner repair come included with the pool set?
Is a DVD that shows how to set up the pool available?
How much does it cost to fill the pool with water?
How do I insert the metal poles into the pool liner?
What should I do if the sleeve is stuck onto the horizontal beams?
Where can I buy one?
How do I drain the pool?
Does the liner require any special care to ensure durability?
Would excessive pool chemicals affect / cause deterioration to liners?
How does UV affect the materials used?
Do I need to keep safety and rescue equipment on hand near my pool?
How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the pool water?
How come the pool starts to tilt to one side even when I have already set it up on level ground?
Are extra lock pins included in case I lose some?
How high can I fill the pool?
Does the ladder, ground cloth and/or cover come with the pool?
What is the pool liner made of?
Without measuring, how do I know what is my frame pool size?
Can a pool be set up on a slope?
Is it safe for my pets to play in the pool?
Will INTEX issue a refund for manufacturing defective product?
Is a fence or enclosure required by law?
Can the pool be left up year-round?
How long does it take to fill the pool with water?
Is it safe to jump or dive into the pool off of a ladder or any type of platform?
Why does the rope seam tear sometimes? What causes tears in the pool liner?
Why do I have algae in my pool even when I run my filter pump regularly?
What's advantage of Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool?
What is the most important step I need to be aware of before filling up the pool?
What is the correct way to install the restrainer strap for the U-shaped side support?